A drop of Mansarovar washes off sins committed in hundred lifetimes. A breath of Kailas fills one with peace and tranquillity as never before.
The trip to Kailas Mansarovar starts from deep within one’s soul. From the urge to be there, experience it.
No words speak for it. No sight explains it. Kailas Mansarovar has to happen in you.
That is your journey to yourself.

Kailas Fixed Departure 2012

Experience Kailas

Mochitha Kailasi

"Kailasa Parvathe Rama! Manasa Nirmitham Para:
Brahmana Narasaardoola! Thenedam Manasam Sara:"

Kailas is a visual deliverance that remains beyond the grasp of description, however poetically gifted the describer is. And there, between the majestic and mystic heights of Mount Gurla Mandhata and Mount Kailas, remains Manasarovar – like a never-ending mystery, an ever-renewing wonder! A graceful experience that gets imprinted in consciousness and intellect at the first sighting itself! Till then, it was a legend, read and heard in stories…the first experience was a dream becoming true!

Deep blue lake, brimming up with divine energy…as one immerses soul and body in the chilly water, Mount Kailas rises in front like an unblemished crystal…steps to Heaven, built along pristine snow…when eyelids close over sights already masked by tears of content, inner eye opens to the ultimate knowledge…being in unison with the Almighty…losing one’s shape and form to be part of the primordial energy, in all its purity…at that point, an inner voice reminded me – this is your destiny. You have been here, now lead others to this state of consciousness. Be the path, be the guide. At that point, Moksha was born.

This pilgrimage is unlike any other journeys. Could be once in a lifetime experience. For making this journey possible, you have to prepare your body, mind and soul. We will guide you through every step, lead you through every narrow pass, light your way with insights that we have picked up from dense forests of history and legends and prepare you for the ultimate prayer. Moksha will make sure you immerse yourself in Manas Sarovar and emerge as a new being…that you bring back Mount Kailas in you. May the Omnipresent Mahadeva be your light.

Kailas Fixed Departure 2012


Breathtaking...mesmerising...Manas Sarovar is something that cannot be described by any human language.

~Dr. Balakrishnan, Thiruvananthapuram.